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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pedal Los Pueblos Ride Log: The Dam Ride

Jemez Dam route = 9 fig bars + 1 muscle milk lite + 1/2 bottle of water.

Much easier than last week's Roller's Loop (finished 65miles in 4.5 hours vs 6), and a super confidence booster. The ride took us north of ABQ to the Jemez Dam, which oddly contained zero water. Guess last year's monsoon season (insanely heavy rain for short periods) was, well, so last year. No major developments this ride, except to say that I've rechristened my bike from FRANKenstein (boring) to DIRKenstein (freshly european, as Dirk was my adopted German namesake complete with matching coffee cup). No more confusion about whether I was mounting, remounting, or washing my teammate who really is named Frank.

A few pics from our trip today:

A great southeasterly view of the Sandia Mountains.

Insert water here.

The REAL Frank, and Capt Snookums

Friday, August 20, 2010

Pedal Los Pueblos Ride Log: Uphill Lunch Ride, 10 miles?

David called. Lunch ride Friday. Sweet!

So we headed east and crashed the Four Hills fancypants subdivision. It's a pretty calm place, actually, except for the road that just keeps climbing. Turn, climb. Dip, climb. Guy that keeps yelling "KEVIN" to you, climb. I am a phoenix.

I do most things at 90%, and cycling is no different. Ignore that it's about 95 degrees in 100% clear sky (=sun is pounding). As much as I try to stick with David, I have to pull ahead occasionally because my legs .. just.. move. Let me reiterate that I'll win no awards for speed, but don't tell my legs. So I shoot ahead after David says something like "run, Forrest, run". And Run I do.

We reach the end of the line, and dehydration encourages a repeat ride. We circle back to the start and begin the ascent again (it's not really THAT significant of a climb; perhaps ascent is a bit dramatic). After peaking a second time, we head back towards the office.

That was a good ride.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pedal Los Pueblos Ride Log: The Rollers Loop

Rollers Loop: 30 figgies + 2 muscle milk + 2 water bottles

65 miles round trip sounds great.. and chances are you're thinking of your car. Add a change of 2500ft elevation, and replace your car with a bicycle. Now you've got one great Sunday ride. I can't thank Capt Snookums enough for showing me this route. Absolutely Beautiful. Just because the first 20 miles are uphill (honest), don't turn this route down. Turn it down because the highway (212), undoubtedly the "Roller" of this loop, is a pain in your ass after that 20mi/2500ft climb. Up down up down, wash, rinse, repeat. These are the rides that build confidence in new riders, pushing limits and expectations, redefining your sense of personal reward. Take it from me: you've earned your victory shower after returning home from this route.This ride starts with several miles along Route 66, then the slow 20mi climb into the Tijeras canyon (where we saw some badass dude on a motorcycle being filmed for what I assume is a don't-speed-in-nm commercial), a turn into the Ciabola National Forest, then a long ride north along 212 (aka, "the Roller"). After that, nothing matters since your legs are burned out and your tush is pretty sore, but basically you head west, then take a route back to Route 66 and head home. It was worth it, and I'd be glad to show anyone else this route for the many aforementioned reasons.

Looking forward to this ride again. How about after the upcoming 150mi BikeMS 2010 fundraiser ride??

A few pix:

A very long northbound road packed with big ups and downs.

This is the Breakfast of Champions.

Capt Snookums and I pushing along the East Mountains

Monday, August 09, 2010

Pedal Los Pueblos Ride Log: City Round 1 for 50 miles

Tramway Loop = 12 figgies, 2 muscle milks, and two water bottles

Sunday, August 08, 2010. 50 miles. DIRKenstein holds up.

Aside from abfab weather, Albuquerque is crossed with excellent bike paths. Well, they're actually roads, but who's counting. It doesn't give me warm fuzzies always biking along high traffic commute paths, but you do what you can to stay safe: ride as far to the right as safe (keeping three feet or so in case I need to bail), wear bright colors, and learn to avert your eyes from the frequent staredowns (fsck that!). On to the show.

I set the meeting time that morning: collectively leave at 5:45AM. It makes sense that I wake up at 0600. Up, throw on my spandex (shut it) and on the road in less than 10. I whip past the fancy townhomes, see the gang, and .. dump. Still getting used to these shoes that clip into my pedals. Magical.

The main training route whips around the city for a total of appx. 50 miles. We head west along Route 66 to Tramway. Tramway runs north/south along the Sandia Mountain range, and it's a pretty ride (minus the traffic, of course). BTW, Tramway is a slow incline northbound. We head north along Tramway and stop several miles into the ride for a team picture. It's magical.
The Tramway incline isn't tough enough, so we head east on the add'l 15 degree incline to the Sandia Tramway. Just my luck: Lupo and the gang are behind me (except for the energizer bunny far ahead) and I hear "this isn't the tour de france" as my chain derails and locks between my frame and sprocket. No idea. Flip DIRK, wiggle it out, and remount. Stop again at the Tramway clubhouse for potty and another picture. And to top it off, the parking lot is still in the shade, which means we're making good time. Oh, here's the gang:

We're the Penultimates!

Let me take a moment to explain we're not in this for speed, trophies, or prom queens. We're just recreational. Making good time brings smiles to our faces. It's not that we're the team of fat kids, but, well, we're their slightly thinner cousins. Our team name is The Penultimates... and you have to represent.

Got back onto Tramway, headed west for a very nice reprieve on a long, fast downhill route past the Sandia Casino. Honked at by an old fart nickel pumper who attempts to turn in front of me and Energizer Jaymes. I hold out my hand, he flails and honks. I call him bad name. I have a love for our aging historians.

The rest of the ride was pretty eventless. Hit the Bosque Trail along the Rio Grande, dodged some crazy fast runners, then some other cyclists, then headed east south of the city past many, many junkyards because the southwest is an old mechanic's garage - and full of great finds. Passed the zoo and botanic gardens, then headed north under the I40 bridges, up a slow climb to University, where we have another climb. Hills at ride's end warm my feet, and we raced to the top. Basically from here we make our ways back home and plan to meet for celebratory excessive lunch. Alas, this doesn't happen as we're either pooped or overbooked. I walk into the house for my victory cold shower. My body boils the cold water, then I make my wife breakfast. How awesome am I?


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Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

We have literally hours of footage of SMC...most of which only a parent would be entertained watching! However, we've started going through and paring the vids down to some choice moments. Here's our first attempt: a video of SMC in the first three months of life. :)